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Enterprise Leadership News - October 15, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Oct 18, 2021 4:17:13 PM


Many companies struggle with all of the cybersecurity documentation, processes, and policies that can limit their business growth and REALLY stress them out. Omnistruct serves as an enterprise partner for the critical policies, processes, and documentation needed to make sure all of that data and revenue is well protected against cyber threats and that the company stays in compliance with all rules and regulations.


Cybersecurity Improvements May Be the Best Customer Experience Tool You’re Not Using

The past year and a half has pushed businesses and the customers they serve to make dramatic changes in how they use technology. The pandemic sped up digital transformation for 68% of global businesses, to keep up with consumers who were rapidly moving online. Now, the customer experience is more convenient than ever—but the trust brands have earned is precarious, due to increased cybersecurity risks. By RAFAEL LOURENCO I OCTOBER 14, 2021 Read More


Why enterprises are massively subcontracting cybersecurity work

NewtonX market research revealed this week that 56% of organizations surveyed subcontract as much as 25% of their cybersecurity work. In the study, more than 100 chief information security officers, CTOs, and other senior decision-makers indicated a trend toward subcontracting one of the most critical roles continually facing enterprise professionals. By Corinna Makris I October 13, 2021 Read More


Critical Cybersecurity Outsourcing: DDoS and Network-Level Protections

In the aftermath of the Colonial Pipeline attack, critical infrastructure operators must eradicate the specter of lackluster network security. One of the most pernicious breaches to deal with is the distributed denial of service (DDoS) attack, in which manifold connected devices are hijacked to knock down target websites with malicious access requests. By Callum Cyrus I October 13, 2021 Read More



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