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Enterprise Leadership News - October 8, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Oct 18, 2021 8:39:41 AM


Many companies struggle with all of the cybersecurity documentation, processes, and policies that can limit their business growth and REALLY stress them out. Omnistruct serves as an enterprise partner for the critical policies, processes, and documentation needed to make sure all of that data and revenue is well protected against cyber threats and that the company stays in compliance with all rules and regulations.


What, exactly, is cybersecurity? And why does it matter?

Cybersecurity focuses on protecting electronic information on websites, networks, or devices from hackers. Through advanced technology and sophisticated processes, cybersecurity professionals help keep data safe and accessible. By Nate Delesline III and Genevieve Carlton | October 6, 2021 Read More


IT security and cybersecurity: What's the difference?

Information technology and cybersecurity share common goals of protecting people, devices, and data -- but focus on different issues and take a very different approach. By Nate Delesline III | October 6, 2021 Read More


Why today’s cybersecurity threats are more dangerous

Greater complexity and interdependence among systems gives attackers more opportunity for widespread, global damage, say government and industry experts. By Cynthia Brumfield I October 4, 2021 Read More



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