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Enterprise Technical Security That Matters - January 21, 2022

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Feb 14, 2022 4:00:58 AM

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Many companies struggle with all of the cybersecurity documentation, processes, and policies that can limit their business growth and REALLY stress them out. Omnistruct serves as an enterprise partner for the critical policies, processes, and documentation needed to make sure all of that data and revenue is well protected against cyber threats and that the company stays in compliance with all rules and regulations.

New SysJoker backdoor targets Windows, macOS, and Linux

A new multi-platform backdoor malware named 'SysJoker' has emerged in the wild, targeting Windows, Linux, and macOS with the ability to evade detection on all three operating systems. By Bill Toulas I January 11, 2022 Read More


Widespread, Easily Exploitable Windows RDP Bug Opens Users to Data Theft

Most Windows versions are at risk of remote, unprivileged attackers abusing RDP from the inside to hijack smart cards and get unauthorized file system access. By Lisa Vaas I January 12, 2022 Read More


IP spoofing bug leaves Django REST applications open to DDoS, password-cracking attacks

An IP spoofing vulnerability in Django REST allowed attackers to circumvent the framework’s throttling feature, which is supposed to protect applications against mass requests. By Ben Dickson I January 11, 2022 Read More




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