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President's Message - February 18, 2022

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Mar 18, 2022 8:49:43 PM

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Why has the world shifted from installed software to SAAS providers? Anyone who has implemented an ERP or CRM knows that there are technical skill sets required as well as business needs. In the past consultants on these types of systems had to worry about both requirements. In today’s environment, the technology part is taken care of which allows for faster implementation and focusing funds spent on the business goals.

Companies today are faced with a similar choice when it comes to cybersecurity. There are a number of tools that could be implemented but more often than not those tools get neglected sometimes as soon as they are purchased because the implementation is difficult. Omnistruct’s services will guide you through the implementation of a cybersecurity framework and continuous compliance.

Why is that implementation so important? Without good cyber hygiene, you are 40 times more likely to experience a successful ransomware attack. Give us a call to start your implementation and mature your company today.


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