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President's Message - July 16, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Jul 18, 2021 12:12:00 PM

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5 Stages in the Journey of Cybersecurity for Organizations


  1. The first stage is obscurity. For very small companies there is no data and no infrastructure to hack (except maybe a PC with QuickBooks). This is assuming they aren’t using a CRM and not taking credit cards for payments.

  2. The second stage of cybersecurity is to bring in a service provider to help manage some growth. MSP’s build a technology security stack, help with the maintenance of the network and get the company to the second stage.

  3. The third stage is to buy cybersecurity insurance. Many companies have stopped at this stage but because of recent incidents, the price for insurance is going up. You will also have to prove that you are doing the cybersecurity basics to cash in on that policy when a breach happens.

  4. The fourth stage is to build a security program. Have a written information security program, communicate it to your users and begin to train users. This stage usually comes when you want to work more closely with your customers and begin to share data. The shared data is what makes people aware of the need but the rewards are closer relationships with your customers and a sales advantage.

  5. The fifth stage is the realization phase. Cybersecurity compliance is not just an IT department thing. It has to be built into the company's culture. The practice has to happen monthly, weekly and in some cases daily. The proof that you are doing the right thing has to be continually monitored, tracked, and readily available for when something goes wrong.

At Omnistruct, we have seen companies in each of these stages and our goal is to help them prepare for the next stage. Cybersecurity is becoming more about process and procedure than it is about the technology arms race or the amount of insurance you can afford. To really protect the data that you are the custodian of, you need to get to the higher stages. If you are like many companies, you are struggling to get past the third stage. Omnistruct specializes in helping each stage be successful to make a better future for your company.

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