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Regulations, Frameworks, and Controls - February 25, 2022

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Mar 18, 2022 9:47:43 PM



NIST Refreshing Voluntary Cybersecurity Framework Amid Push for Mandates

The National Institute of Standards and Technology wants to know how it might improve its landmark framework of cybersecurity standards and practices and streamline similar efforts related to particular issues like privacy and supply-chain security. By Mariam Baksh I February 22, 2022 Read More


NIST seeks information on updating its Cybersecurity Framework

As it begins planning to revise its widely praised Cybersecurity Framework (CSF), the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has requested that interested parties supply comments on how NIST can improve the effectiveness of the CSF and its alignment with other cybersecurity resources. NIST’s last update of the framework, first released in 2014 under an executive order issued by President Obama, was in 2018. By Cynthia Brumfield I February 24, 2022 Read More


What You Can Do Now to Manage Your Software Supply Chain Risk

While the Log4j crisis that kept everyone busy over the holidays was a wake-up call for many, mitigating it does not solve the larger issues of supply chain attacks. It’s more important than ever to put practices in place to manage your supply chain risk. By Chai Bhat I February 23, 2022 Read More



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