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Small Business Entrepreneur Cybersecurity News - April 2, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Apr 4, 2021 2:26:14 PM

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Best SIEM Tools for SMBs

As the central nervous system of a business's cybersecurity strategy, SIEM tools help defend against all manner of attacks. Small businesses are just as likely to fall victim to a security threat as large enterprises, so it's critical that you have sufficient measures in place to prevent malicious figures from inflicting harm on your business systems. By Kaiti Norton I March 29, 2021


NIST Seeks Small Business to Help Develop Cybersecurity Standards

The National Institute of Standards and Technology is in the market for a company to support its work crafting privacy and cybersecurity standards for critical technology that will apply to federal agencies. By Mariam Baksh I March 29, 2021


Best Cybersecurity Practices for Small Business

There is a myth among many entrepreneurs that cybercriminals and hackers do not target small businesses. That’s why they do not take crucial steps to make their businesses secure. This mistake costs high to many startups. The reality is far away from this myth. Cybercriminals focus more on small businesses than larger ones. This is because small businesses lack many essential security measures. In this article, we will discuss the best cybersecurity practices that can protect small businesses from cyber attacks. By The Windows Club I March 30, 2021


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