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Small Business Entrepreneur Cybersecurity News - June 18, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Jun 22, 2021 7:01:20 AM


Ransomware is online threat number one

GCHQ cybersecurity boss sounds alarmed over extortion by hackers who are mostly based in former Soviet states. By Digitl I June 17, 2021


Helping Small Businesses Protect Their Data and Operations

The team at the SBDC Cybersecurity center at Mississippi State University includes (from left) Chip Templeton, director of the MSU Small Business Development Center, and business counselors for cybersecurity DeMarcus Thomas and Melissa Hannis. The program is offered through the Mississippi Small Business Development Center, headquartered at the University of Mississippi. By Carter Diggs I June 12, 2021


The security priority: why SMEs need strong cybersecurity strategies for survival

Historically perceived as an abstract, complex and expensive add-on, it's time recognize cybersecurity's value. By Rachel Rothwell I June 17, 2021


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