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Small Business Entrepreneur Cybersecurity News - June 4, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Jun 4, 2021 2:35:39 PM

Newsletter - June 4,2021

False economies on cybersecurity

As cybersecurity experts continue to try to unravel the mess that is the Health Service Executive’s computer systems, the cost of the ransomware that crippled our health services should be attracting far more attention than it is. By Anonimous I June 1, 2021


Cybersecurity experts share advice for businesses on preventing cyberattacks

With today's advanced technology, cyberattacks are becoming more common and more difficult to prevent. Darrin Johnson, a senior network consultant and cybersecurity expert for the consulting firm Progent, says cyberattacks are happening to businesses big and small. By Noelle Friel I June 1, 2021


How To Protect Your Small Business From Cyber Threats

As cities become increasingly smart and digital, there is a downside to that internet and technology dependency, which is the vulnerabilities of anything connected to the internet. By Fabi Hubschmid I June 2, 2021



Hacking and cybersecurity threats are often perceived as problems that only big businesses dealing in millions and trillions of dollars should be concerned about. But this notion is far from the truth. The requirement of ethical hackers is as essential for a big organization as it is for its smaller counterparts. One cannot ignore ethical hacking measures irrespective of turnover and staff size, especially when all businesses deal with data, have online stores, and have crucial information. By EC Council I June 2, 2021


What Are The Top Cybersecurity Tips for Small Businesses?

The impact of the coronavirus pandemic on small businesses cannot be understated. Across Scotland, and indeed globally, small businesses have been forced to contend with one of the most disruptive periods in living memory. By Ross Kelly I May 28, 2021

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