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Small Business Entrepreneur Cybersecurity News - November 12, 2021

Posted by Omnistruct Marketing on Nov 22, 2021 4:59:55 AM

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Many companies struggle with all of the cybersecurity documentation, processes, and policies that can limit their business growth and REALLY stress them out. Omnistruct serves as an enterprise partner for the critical policies, processes, and documentation needed to make sure all of that data and revenue is well protected against cyber threats and that the company stays in compliance with all rules and regulations.


Certification of cybersecurity best practice standards: A new B2B requirement

In a world that’s more connected than ever, the opportunities for cybercriminals to harm your business are growing and these cybercriminals are making it harder to detect their threats and defend against their actions. By Laura Newpoff I November 11, 2021 Read More


4 reasons to invest in cybersecurity insurance for your small business

While billion-dollar corporations and their very public battles with issues such as ransomware attacks typically garner most of the headlines, small businesses are far from immune to cybersecurity troubles. In fact, they’re just as susceptible as their larger counterparts. According to Accenture’s Cost of Cybercrime Study, 43% of all cyberattacks target small businesses. But less than 15% of the businesses that fit that description are prepared to protect themselves should their systems get breached. By CityBusiness Guest Perspective I November 8, 2021 Read More


Learn How to Protect your Business and Others From Cyber Attacks

Cyber attacks against small businesses have been on the rise in 2021. In the past year alone, 47 percent of small businesses have experienced a cyber attack, up from 44 percent in 2020. That has increased the demand for ethical hackers and cybersecurity experts around the country. Whether you're looking to protect your own business interests or you're interested in a lucrative side hustle, learning ethical hacking can be a big boon for your bottom line. By Entrepreneur Store I November 10, 2021 Read More




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